The Performance version of the Tesla Model 3 is getting a new wave of high-profile reviews recently first by Alex on Autos and now also Autogefühl takes a look at the top-of-the-line Model 3.

Autogefühl, as always, covers the exterior, interior and driving experience, this time also with a test on the race track (this part was shown separately earlier).

The overall evaluation of the Model 3 seems to be very positive, although with a lot of minor drawbacks, as for example there is a number of parts with questionable build quality. Because of that, Autogefühl raises an important question - are you looking for a clever overall concept or refined details?

The driving experience on the street turns out be not only pleasant but also calming, while on the track the Model 3 is strong at performance/acceleration but still lacks the agility to be fully ahead of state-of-the-art ICE.

After all, the Tesla Model 3 is a specific car, trailblazing the road for future EVs with a sleek design, its own identity and a clean interior layout not seen before.

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