Alex on Autos continues its deep test drive reviews of the Tesla Model 3 - after the base Standard version tested a few weeks ago, now it is time for the opposite - the top of the line Performance version.

One of the most interesting thing that caught our attention was the range and energy consumption result, which turned out to be one of the best among EVs (no surprise here), but at the same time below the EPA numbers.

Alex L. Dykes found that range of the Standard version was around 200 miles instead of up to 240 miles, while the Performance version was good for 265 miles, instead 310 miles (almost 15% less). Part of the reason could be the particular tires and wheels.

The estimated energy consumption of the Performance version was, of course, higher than the Standard version because it's a heavier car (bigger battery, higher power drivetrain):

  • Performance 3.5 miles/kWh
  • Standard: 3.9-4.0 miles/kWh

Other than that, the Performance version is so much quicker (measured 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds) than the Standard (biggest change). It can charge faster thanks to its 11.5 kW on-board charger (Standard has about 7.5 kW charger) and up to 250 kW DC at Superchargers (the Standard version is reportedly capable of reaching roughly 100 kW).

The Performance Model 3 is also better equipped, especially in terms of infotainment and software features.

The handling rating is high A+, while the ride and noise is just C-, which leaves room for improvements. Braking distance (60-0 mph) is 111 ft (33.8 m), which is very good.

Video Description via Alex on Autos on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Performance | Twice The Motors Twice The Fun

Our last look at the Model 3 focused just on the $35,000 base model, this time we got our hands on the top-end Model 3 Dual Motor Performance. With 0-60 scores of 3.3 seconds, and all the options Tesla offers, this is the direct competitor to the 340i, C43 AMG and other high performance luxury sedans. Is it right for you? Let’s find out.

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