The Tesla Model 3 has enjoyed rave reviews from many esteemed publications, as well as independent reviewers. This has proven abundantly true, especially as of late. Early on, there were many mentions of issues with the Tesla, which is to be expected of any new model. But now, it seems most reviews are overly positive in almost every way.

Despite the above, there will still be some reviewers that nitpick and find issues with the Model 3, just like that of any new car. C'mon, their job is to remain objective and find the notable perks and flaws related to the car overall. Still, we've become much more confident now at InsideEVs to finally recommend the popular, all-electric sedan as a solid buying option.

More importantly, though Tesla has fluxed pricing quite a bit as of late, the Model 3 is still one of the least-expensive, long-range all-electric cars on the market today. Moreover, it offers performance and technology features that far exceed most rivals.

Anyhow, watch this recent video compliments of Autogefuel to see the latest take on the Model 3. Then let us know if you own a Tesla Model 3. Early or late model? What are your overall impressions of the car? Scroll down and type us a note in the comment section below.

Video Description via Autogefuel on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 REVIEW with acceleration, track mode, consumption, range

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