Many people just don't really understand EVs. Let's separate the facts from the myths.

We recently told you about tech and EV YouTuber Jeremy Judkins and his new Tesla Model 3. He was a previous Chevy Volt owner that finally admitted he was wrong about the Model 3. In fact, he sold his Volt and took delivery of his first Tesla.

Judkins only had his Chevy Volt for about ten months. During that time, he continued to assert that the Volt was better for his situation. He even posted a video about why he was happy he bought a Volt instead of a Tesla Model 3.

Well, 10 months later, Judkins has changed his tune. He took delivery of a Model 3, and he seems enamored with the car. He's even willing to admit that he was one of those people that was overwhelmed with misconceptions about the car, and he likely wishes he took the plunge sooner.

Click play on the video above to take in all the details. Once you've watched it, scroll down and give us some feedback in our new comment section.

Video Description via Jeremy Judkins on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 | Top Common Misconceptions

I had you guys ask me every question you wanted to know about the Tesla Model 3. A lot of these are myths and misconceptions about Tesla and EV in general. I thought I would cover them all!