The Gocycle G3 is a top-of-the-line folding pedal-assist electric bicycle. It's compact, light and really zips along, but is it up to the task of urban riding?

Well, the answer depends on your definition of urban riding.

The G3 is a premium bike. It features magnesium construction, its own built-in headlight, fancy quick-release wheels, a self-shifting system, hydraulic brakes and more, but it's the folding feature that Gocycle focuses on, as well it being relatively lightweight.

The Frame & Battery

A lightweight and durable magnesium frame houses the powerful (375 Wh) lithium battery pack with a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) with a 4 hour charge time.

This bike is mainly pitched as one you can carry with you up a flight of stairs or toss in the back of your car for that last-mile trek into work. My time spent with the G3 saw none of that. There was no folding. No tossing in the trunk of a car. It was all riding. At speed and over longer distances.

So, out of its element, how did the G3 perform? It's fast. Almost too fast. It stops on a dime, though the rider may not be able to stop as quickly as the bike. It grips well, accelerates very quickly and has a reasonably smooth ride thanks to its unique rear suspension setup.


The onboard, built-in battery pack never faltered. All in all, the bike performed as expected. However, the folding aspect of the G3 brings with it some expected drawbacks. The riding position is extremely upright, which means there's little weight on the front end of the bike, which at times makes it a bit twitchy. Additionally, the front fork rake doesn't lend itself to spirited riding. And those undersized wheels/tires do take some getting used to.


However, the bike is not really designed for this high-speed type of usage. It's more at home at the marina where you'd ride it from your car to the boat or in big cities where it would be a perfect last-mile commuter. In those situations, where speed is not essential, the G3 undoubtedly shines. Additionally, it's an excellent traveler as it folds relatively quickly and packs into small spaces.

The G3 model packs away neatly for storage in tight city living spaces, boats, or motor-homes.


In closing, the G3 doesn't suit my type of riding, but I still rode the hell out of it and it always made me grin each and every time I twisted the accelerator. It's so quick that you'll likely be blown away the first time you put the hammer down.

As an avid cyclist, a folding bike never appealed to me. However, e-bikes are simply a thrill to ride and the G3 is no exception to that rule.

You'll find more details of Gocycle and the G3 at the bike maker's website here.


the Tech Specs*

Frame Colour White, Electric Blue, Matt Black
Frame Material Injection Moulded Magnesium
PitstopWheel® Magnesium with patented PitstopLock™ system
PitstopWheel® Colour Gloss Black
Motor Drive Control Pedal Torque Sensing
Daytime Running Light (DRL)** Gocycle Proprietary Light Pipe Technology, 4 running modes, user selectable
Smart Device Connectivity*** GocycleConnect® App via wireless Bluetooth®
Riding Modes City, Eco, On-Demand, Custom.  Multiple, programmable through interactive dashboard functions or GocycleConnect App
Electric Drive Speed**** 20 mph / 25 kph
Range Up to 50 miles (80 km), depending on pedal input
Motor***** Gocycle proprietary front hub motor gear drive with traction control 500 W continuous
Battery****** In frame lithium ion with Gocycle proprietary Battery Management System (BMS), 17Ah, 22V, Approximately 375 Wh
Charging Time 4 hours
Motor Controller Gocycle proprietary
Handlebar Display Integrated dashboard display with fuel gauge, speed, gear, efficiency or Smart Device and GocycleConnect™ App
Shifting Gocycle electronic Predictive Shifting™
Transmission Patented Cleandrive® Shimano Nexus 3-speed
Gear Inches 1st=39.1 in, 2nd=53.3 in, 3rd=72.5 in
Gear Development 1st=3.1 m, 2nd=4.3 m, 3rd=5.8 m
Brakes Hydraulic disk, front and rear
Tyres Gocycle Performance Tyre (406-50, 20 x 1.75 in)
Front Motor Fork Gocycle proprietary, single-sided, 6061 T6, fixed
Rear Suspension Gocycle Lockshock™ 25mm (1 in) travel
Saddle Velo D2 Comfort
Seat Post 34.9 mm Aluminium
Pedals G3 Sealed Bearing Platform
Grips Gocycle Ergo Comfort
Frame Size and Fit Universal Vgonomic™
Handlebar Stem Reach and height adjustment
Head Angle 70°
Seat Tube Angle 68°
Wheelbase 1065mm (42 in)
Bottom Bracket Height 275mm (11.5 in)
Folding Method Separable wheels and seat assembly with folding handlebar
Stowable Dimensions Portable Docking Station for easy stowing and transport (L780mm x W370mm x H580mm | L30.7in x W14.6in x H22.8in)
Approximate Weight 16.7kg (36.7 lbs) including kickstand
Maximum Rider Weight******* 100kg (220 lbs), including clothing and luggage
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