This self-proclaimed gearhead owns and reviews a slew of cars. He says he bought a Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD primarily for his 120-mile roundtrip daily commute.

He admits that he found himself spending a ton of money on gas and maintenance, so the Tesla just made sense as an addition to his fleet. However, the more interesting part about this video share is that he lets a friend check out his Model 3. 

Clearly, the dude has no clue about electric cars. In fact, he's more than willing to admit that. So, of course, his insight and takeaways are pretty entertaining, engaging, and telling to say the least. 

We can honestly say, we may never get enough of these videos that show an average Joe (or Jane) experiencing an EV for the first time. This is another testament to the fact that as electric car owners, we need to share our vehicles with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even remote acquaintances.

We at InsideEVs feel it's part of our job to promote and educate. Hopefully, we all agree that if they drive it they'll probably want to buy it. With Tesla not advertising in the traditional sense, along with the fact that many other EVs are not so readily available in some areas, we must enlighten and encourage people to consider an electric car.

Video Description via The Slip Angle on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Enthusiast Review!

Electric cars are quickly becoming the future of transportation but can they also be fun? Quinn is going to help us find out!

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