So, you're looking for a new car or crossover for your family and you may want to go all-electric? The Baby Drive out of Australia is a solid option when it comes to helping families hone in on the best options for a new car. According to the publication, the Hyundai Kona Electric should be on your list.

Sometimes, when you're searching for a family vehicle, much of the information out there can be hard to weed through. In addition, while compelling performance specs and breathtaking good looks are welcome, these are not likely your first considerations or priorities when trying to find the best ride for your clan. Nonetheless, we've learned that Hyundai has done a stellar job making the Kona Electric a truly well-rounded offering.

Baby Drive provides the focus some shoppers might need as it dives deep into family-friendly features. Moreover, we know that today's families are increasingly busy and can become overwhelmed by the daily struggle. Thankfully, this video is short, sweet, and informative. We are willing to bet most of you will appreciate that.

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Source: Baby Drive

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Family car review: Hyundai Kona Electric 2019

I can tell you after having the Hyundai Kona Electric for a week... I LOVE electric cars!

I am sooooo excited by the fact it is electric! THAT is what made it a great BabyDrive rather than the design and physicality of the car. There are so many upsides for families that I can't wait to share them with you!

Firstly this means the end of the age-old debate of whether or not you take your child in when you pay for your fuel! Because you won't be! As I discovered this week, you charge the car while you are doing weekly tasks like the food shop or shopping centre and when you come out and get in your car it is charged up, you don't then have to make a separate stop for fuel on the way home. This signalled the end of the second stop for me!

Peace and quiet! From all sides!! Not only is it quiet for you, so you can sneak out to your mum's group dinners or early morning exercise classes without the start-up engine waking the rest of your sleeping family!

The lack of pollution and saving on fuel is an enormous feel good factor! I LOVED the fact I could drive my daughter to sleep and sit for an hour while she napped, with the aircon running and not feel hopelessly guilty about destroying the environment!

So those and all these other reasons I think electric cars are fantastic family cars made it a winner for me!

Then you have to look at the practicality of the Kona EV to fit a family in and that is where the Kona EV falls short in my opinion. I could fit two child seats in the back, there was definitely not room for anyone to sit between them and legroom was tight, meaning we could only fit a 170cm passenger in front of a rear-facing child seat. If you need two child seats in the back I think you would do better to wait until your children are forward-facing so you have more interior space.

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