Is it a chore to keep a Tesla charged?

We've been keeping you apprised of The Fast Lane Car's Tesla Model 3 ownership experiences. If you aren't up to date, the publication planned to buy a Standard Range Model 3 but ended up getting a fantastic deal on a more expensive variant.

Since then, they've tested the car, raced the car, and crashed the car. You can get up to speed on the previous videos in the series by following the links below.

As far as we know, this is the first EV TFLCar has ever owned. So, their Thrifty 3 video series should prove to be a solid resource for those considering taking the plunge into electric car ownership.

Although we don't really talk much anymore about EV range anxiety, it's surely still present. How much of a concern it becomes, however, depends on many variables, including where you live, the temperature outside, and which electric car you own.

After coming from an influx of "long-range" gas-powered cars, what's it like dealing with a shorter range and having to spend more time "filling up" your ride?

Check out the video to learn more about TFLCar's Model 3 journey. Then, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Does Keeping A Tesla Charged Suck? Here's what it's Like to Live With a New Model 3! Thrifty 3 Ep. 6

In this video, we find out what it's really like to live with a Tesla Model 3 on a daily basis, including tacking the dreaded range anxiety and how long it takes to charge up this EV for your daily commute.