spent some time with the Kia Niro EV. As expected, based on what we've learned from multiple reviews of the new electric crossover, it's a big hit. However, there's that one underlying issue that seems to irritate the heck out of the editors over at Cars, and we agree fully.

So, what are the high points?

According to Cars, and many others, the Niro EV has plenty of positives. In fact, the editors over there say that this Kia is an excellent overall choice if you're thinking about delving into the world of EV ownership. It may arguably be one of the best options for new electric car owners.

Similar to what we've shared on many occasions, the Niro is not really an SUV. Some will even argue that it's not a true crossover, but instead, much more like a Chevy Bolt EV — a raised crossover of sorts, right? However, arguably better in so many ways. While the Hyundai Kona Electric may be the true Bolt look-alike, in terms of size, styling, and versatility, the Niro is a step above. 

Cars calls the Niro more well-rounded than the Kona due to its longer wheelbase and larger overall size. The publication shares:

"It’s a practical vehicle that just happens to be a competent electric vehicle, a combination that would make it a good first electric car and daily driver for a broad swath of buyers beyond EV early adopters." puts emphasis on several reasons for its claims. It seems to love the Niro EV's affordability (at least in terms of the EV segment and what you get for your money), range, quiet cabin, overall comfort, modern conveniences, notable performance, standard fast-charging capability, and lack of EV polarizing "weirdness."

Gallery: 2019 Kia Niro EV U.S. Images

So, what's the rub here?

If you follow the segment rather closely, you may have guessed it already. Most people can't even get this fantastic EV. It will only be sold in very limited quantities in California and a handful of other CARB states. However, Cars does remind us that, if you truly want one, there's nothing holding you back from going where you need to go to make it happen.

To check out the entire review in much more detail, follow the source link below. Kudos to for covering EVs on a much more regular basis and without a negative agenda.


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