As the Tesla Model 3 becomes available in Western Europe (but not yet in the UK - soon) Fully Charged decided to try the car on a Nordic roadtrip (about 600 km / 373 miles).

The top of the line Performance version of the Model 3 was provided by LeasePlan, which already leased some 400 Model 3 (still a drop in the sea of its 1.8 million car fleet).

Robert Llewellyn, behind the wheel, admitted that he tried badly to find as many drawbacks as possible to not became a Tesla fanboy, but... he failed, failed miserably as the car is now his favorite Tesla.

The review/presentation includes DC fast charging at Supercharging and IONITY stations, as well as interesting insights on Tesla Autopilot driving (compared to Tesla Model S Autopilot).

From the video description:

Robert really wanted to avoid being a Tesla 'fanboi' and hate the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance.

He failed.

(Most of our camera kit went missing hence the occasional slightly wobbly camera work, apologies!)

02:37 Testing the Tesla Model 3 Performance acceleration. Ludicrous!

04:49 Supercharging Tesla Model 3 + CCS = a Tesla fast charge! And chatting to Mathijs van der Goot from Leaseplan about electric car fleet management.

12:09 Ionity charging a Tesla Model 3 = the fastest ever charging on Fully Charged? 132kW!

16:14 Preview of 'Electric car on electric ferry'! (Full episode coming soon)

19:47 Robert meets Tesla Bjorn at the end of our trip, the Nordic EV Summit 2019!

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