Being that the new long-range Nissan LEAF PLUS is simply a trim addition, some mainstream auto reviewing publications have yet to update their reviews. While we've heard and shared much about the EPA-rated 226-mile LEAF Plus variant within our segment, it seems the truth is not yet out there in the automotive world.

Leave it to Motor Trend to take notice of the new Nissan and provide a nice review. The popular automotive publication got a welcome opportunity to drive the updated LEAF PLUS, and of all things, it promoted the car's peppy acceleration. 

The Nissan LEAF Plus finally rivals competitors when it comes to range, which is huge since that wasn't ever the case with the LEAF in the past. But, it also provides noteworthy acceleration. Motor Trend reminds us that some people think EVs are still like golf carts. Well, that's surely not the case anymore. In fact, some EVs can give supercars a run for the money.

In all honesty, while the 2019 Nissan LEAF plus is not supercar rival, if you can happen upon the  opportunity to drive one, you certainly may be blown away by its off-the-line acceleration. At 6.5 seconds from zero-to-60 mph, coupled with amazing immediate torque, you might be quite floored.

Source: Motor Trend

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