Alex on Autos continues his review of the rare Tesla Model 3 Standard version (the $35,000 car with the $1,000 blue color option), which turns out to be the software-limited Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus.

The detailed walkthrough describes the exterior, interior and reveals that the delivered car received slightly more than was anticipated from the base version. In general, many features are not activated, but in terms of hardware, for example, there is wood trim instead of dark plastic in the interior.

The interior inspection leads to the discovery of a few fit and finish issues like the door seal not fitting right.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range | Is It Everything We Were Promised?

It's here! The Standard Range Model 3 Arrived! Well, OK, so it's a Standard Range Plus with a $35,000 price tag. I'm actually oddly fine with that twist to this story. In this two-part video we'll explore the Model 3 and compare it to a few EVs and other luxury cars! Let's dive in!

The next video in the series will cover the test drive.

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