Alex on Autos recently received his base $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Standard version, with only one option - Blue color (added for a $1,000 in this particular case).

The Standard version is kind of a software-limited Standard Plus version, which means slightly less range, power, acceleration, lack of some features, etc. The initial quick look at the car revealed so far only a minor downgrade of the interior and some small changes in the touchscreen interface.

"So we bought a 2019 Tesla Model 3 with just one option: the blue paint. That means that we actually have the $35,000 Model 3 in our hot little hands. Well, OK, a $36,000 Model 3. There are a few surprises with the base model that we'll talk about here but stay tuned because the full review is coming NEXT WEEK!

Full disclosure: We bought the car, this isn't a viewer's car. Also, we are not planning on keeping it, we will have it for a 1-3 months and then list it for sale, so if you want it... Let us know..."

Besides the overview, Alex on Autos shows the EPA sticker attached to the Model 3 Standard... with numbers for the Model 3 Standard Plus.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus (Source: Alex on Autos)
Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus (Source: Alex on Autos)

The numbers on the Model 3 Standard Plus are:

  • range of 240 miles
  • energy consumption (including charging losses):
    • combined - 133 MPGe - 253 (Wh/mi)
    • city - 140 MPGe - 241 (Wh/mi)
    • highway - 124 MPGe - 272 (Wh/mi)

The Model 3 Standard is expected to get 220 miles of range.

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