The range is now high enough to skip buying a gas car in a country like Japan

Electrified Journeys Japan recently released a very interesting test drive review of the brand new Nissan LEAF e+, received for few days from a dealer in Japan.

The car with 99.4 Battery State-of-Health (according to LeafSpy) was indicating an available range of 462 km (287 miles) and during the road trip it managed to deliver it pretty accurately.

  • 100% - indicated range of 462 km (287 miles)
  • 56% - indicated range of 245 km (152 miles) after covering 177 km (110 miles)
  • 33% -indicated range of 158 km (98 miles) after covering 296 km (184 miles)
  • 16% - indicated range of 76 km (47 miles) after covering 383 km (238 miles) - total 459 km (285 miles)
Among the biggest positives are: range, ProPilot driving assist, round view monitor, storage capacity and power. The new LEAF e+ also drives great, handling is good and the cabin is quiet.

However, there are also cons like too big an A-pillar, useless navigation system, only 7-inch display (too small), center console bothers your legs. Additionally, the charging speed at popular 50 kW chargers in Japan is too slow for such a big battery.

During the first brief test, battery temperature was low while driving and didn't raise much while charging at 37-39 kW from 16% to 83%. More tests at higher-speed chargers (100 kW) would be needed to find out the battery temperature during fast charging.

From the video description:

"I recently got a chance to drive an e+Leaf for a week and decided to make a review video. Since I wanted to make several videos but I only got the car for five days I decided to make a Frankenstein video of a range test, battery test, road trip and review. It's kind of a mess but there is good information in it. I hope you'll enjoy it!"

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