The Tesla Model Y is actually unlike the Tesla Model 3 in many ways.

Some called the Tesla Model Y reveal underwhelming. This is because the Model Y basically looks just like a Model 3, albeit "inflated." As the video points out, the actual unveiling event itself didn't work to make a huge deal of the Model Y. CEO Elon Musk spent most of the time talking about Tesla's vehicle lineup, growth, and continued successes. However, once he finally showed off the Model Y, the event came to a close quickly. Tesla avoided clear, well lit, up-close footage of the car, especially with regard to its interior and cargo area.

We already know that Tesla will build the Model Y on the same platform as the Model 3, and the two will share a vast majority of parts. While the Model Y is not an SUV in a traditional sense -- but rather or crossover or hatchback -- it follows suit with the way most brands are categorizing vehicles. Automakers market many of today's vehicles as SUVs, even though that may not really be the case. Nonetheless, these vehicles are roomier, more versatile, and often considered safer (despite the increased rollover potential).

tesla model y model 3

If the Model 3 is considered a very safe vehicle (and it is), the Model Y could prove even safer. Plus, Tesla has proven with its Model X that the rollover situation is not an issue. In addition, no matter how you define the Y, it will still offer significantly more space and versatility than the 3. This is appealing since the Model 3 is already a roomy car with impressive cargo volume.

We've seen that the Model 3 is extremely popular. The Model Y retains its "look," and it will offer impressive acceleration and plenty of range. Moreover, Tesla doesn't plan to price it substantially higher than the Model 3, so buyers will be getting more for their money. If our predictions pan out, we believe the Model Y will be much more popular than the 3, and will likely cause Model 3 sales to drop. However, this is a positive for Tesla since a higher margin vehicle could essentially replace a lower margin vehicle.

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Why the Tesla Model Y is not the same car as the Tesla Model 3

In depth analysis of Tesla Model Y SUV features compared to the Tesla Model 3 sedan.