From April 1, Chevrolet Bolt EV is eligible only for $3,750 federal tax credit

The beginning of a new quarter brings significant change in available federal tax credit for General Motors' plug-in electric cars. Instead of the full $7,500, a customer will be able to get only half - $3,750. Three months earlier, a similar cut was experienced by Tesla.

See Available amount of federal tax credit here.

We updated our Compare EVs card and upgraded it also to present type (AWD, FWD, RWD) and EPA energy consumption results in Wh per mile.

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BEVs by range

There are basically no changes compared to the previous edition in March.

Electric Car Range, Price & More Compared For U.S. – April 1, 2019

BEVs by price

Here are the most important changes, as the Chevrolet Bolt EV, eligible only for $3,750 federal tax credit, effectively becomes less competitive.

Roughly 10% higher price than in the case of Hyundai Kona Electric makes the Bolt EV harder to justify (although low supply of Kona Electric could still enable Bolt EV to prosper).

The other problem for Bolt EV is that it lands between the Tesla Model 3 Standard and Standard Plus, as well as behind the well-equipped Nissan LEAF e+ (62 kWh).

Electric Car Range, Price & More Compared For U.S. – April 1, 2019

*some models estimated

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