Tesla Model S gets better and better over time

We are approaching seven years since the Tesla Model S was introduced in mid-2012. A lot has changed since then, as Tesla constantly improves its cars in various ways to get more range, more acceleration and to add tons of new features, usually updated over-the-air.

This Kelley Blue Book test drive review presents the latest and top of the line Performance edition, as always with a dose of humor and beautiful footage.

There is not much to dislike about the Model S, although some weak points remain over the years, such as the build quality being lower than in comparably-priced cars and the lack of Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. Additionally, Navigate on Autopilot - as beta - needs to be watched carefully, because as demonstrated, it can miss the exit ramp.

Other than that, the Model S still doesn't have any direct all-electric competitor and no other car can accelerate so quickly.

"Lest you think we've forgotten about Tesla's Model S in all the 3, X and Y hullabaloo, you'd be mistaken. Here it is, the 2019 Tesla Model S. And how could we forget with Ludicrous mode and that insane dual-motor power. There's so much more to talk about, too, so that's why Micah Muzio is here. Also, he impresses some friends with launches."

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