Drive it before you buy it. Well, sort of.

Strap in behind the wheel and get some quality seat time in the Model 3.

This latest point-of-view test drive video from the folks at AutoTopNL puts us behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3 Performance.

We do thoroughly enjoy these POV videos from AutoTopNL. It provides you with a sense and feel for the car, despite not actually being in it. It's a kind of virtual test drive if you will.

Grab a look at the Model 3 POV drive in the video above. It's a serenely quiet place to be. And you'll get an excellent feel for the minimalism of the interior and the massiveness of that screen. We're glad that AutoTopNL is able to capture this all so well.

Video description:

2019 Tesla Model 3 PERFORMANCE POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

Auto-Top is an honest and pure car filming and testing company.

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