Kelley Blue Book test driver fills us in on Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot feature.

It's important to note that Kelley Blue Book (KBB) didn't publish this particular video. However, Micah Muzio test drives cars for KBB as part of his day job. He used some of his personal time to check out a Tesla Model S Performance (formerly P100D) and its Navigate on Autopilot feature. With that being said, Micah is clearly well-qualified to fill us in on the tech. Nonetheless, he still says this is more of a casual, real-world look at the technology rather than a comprehensive review.

The Model S performs as expected with the semiautonomous featured engaged. Micah's demonstration reveals that it does a good job on the freeway and handles on- and off-ramps respectably. However, you have to stay engaged and aware, because there are occasional quirks. Tesla will continue incrementally updating its Autopilot and Navigate on Autopilot tech as it moves toward Full Self-Driving capability.

As we recently shared, Musk says full-self-driving optioned Tesla vehicles will be feature-complete by the end of this year. However, he admits that it will likely be another year after that before you'll be able to use the technology without human intervention. While timelines related to fully autonomous systems continue to get pushed back, we can't really blame Tesla or any other automaker. Safety is key, and until it's ready, frankly we don't want it on public roads.

Video Description via Micah Muzio on YouTube:

Micah “Drives” a Tesla Model S using Navigate on Autopilot

Thanks to my day job at Kelley Blue Book, I drive a lot of cars. This round I’m behind the wheel of a 2019 Tesla Model S P100D (recently renamed the Tesla Model S Performance). And when I say, “sitting behind the wheel” I mean that quite literally. In this video I’m testing one of Tesla’s newest features, Navigate on Autopilot, an advanced feature recently added to Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot self-driving system. Full self-driving capabilities are still over the horizon but, as this video shows, Navigate on Autopilot can handle on-ramp to off-ramp freeway driving…albeit with constant human oversight and a few awkward moments. And just so the premise is ultra-clear, this is not a comprehensive review but rather a casual look at the Tesla Model S, while living my normal life. Simple. Fun!

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