Two future electric trucks compared.

This video compares what we'd consider the two main upcoming competitors in the hot electric pickup truck segment.

In one corner is the Rivian R1T electric truck. In the other, the nameless Tesla truck.

Admittedly, details on the Tesla truck are scarce (we've yet to even see it, just some crazy renders), beyond a few comments made mostly on Twitter by Elon Musk. But as a refresher, here's some of the latest intel:

  • Standard equipment will include dual-motor AWD, a self-leveling air suspension that adjusts for load and more.
  • It'll be a new kind of pickup truck
  • Range will possibly over 500 miles

Additional Tesla truck details here

Of course, none of that's officially official yet, whereas Rivian's figures seem quite a bit more set in stone. Note the full spec sheet below.


How does the Rivian R1T match up to the Tesla truck? Well, that can't fully be answered until both vehicles are released, driven, tested and so on, but this video tries to provide a rundown comparison of the two electric trucks.

All that aside, we welcome not one, but two electric pickup trucks onto the EV scene. Exciting times lie ahead.

Video description:

The Rivian R1T vs. The Tesla Pickup Truck!

Everything we know so far.

Source: Tinkering Thomas on YouTube

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