Feedback is mostly positive with minor issues

Larry Benjamin accustomed us to great Tesla Model 3 reviews and insights, combined with outstanding videos and here is no exception.

After a year and 14,000 miles (22,500 km) the Long Range rear-wheel drive Model 3 (not available in North America anymore) was appreciated for a long list of things, as it's fun to drive, handles well and has great performance. Furthermore, Benjamin likes the over-the-air software updates and says Autopilot improves over time. Lastly, he notes that with the Model 3 you can travel long-distance and more.

Of course, there are also weak points. Larry Benjamin mentions that there could be more voice recognition features or more Superchargers (sometimes you need to go nearly 18 miles and waste 30 minutes off your normal route). Overall, not that much criticism though.

Tesla Model 3 After a Year

Larry Benjamin reviews his Tesla Model 3 after a year of ownership. He also reviews some features included in software upgrades including Navigate on Autopilot, Pole Position, Whoopie Cushion and Romance Mode. Supercharging on a trip to San Francisco from Los Angeles is also described including the sparse number of Superchargers in Marin.

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