It's a final farewell to the world's most-beloved plug-in hybrid.

This is the final year of production for the Chevy Volt, yet 2019 marks the first time the 2nd-gen Volt PHEV got significant revisions. Does the Volt exit the world on a new high?

The most notable change for 2019 is the higher-powered on-board charger. For 2019, the Volt gets a 7.2-kW on-board charger, up from the old 3.6-kW. That means the car can refill its battery twice as quickly. This, in turn, means more electric miles and less use of gas. Most importantly, Chevy really focused on this more electric equals less gas for the Volt's final year.

Additionally, for those in colder climates who want to use as little gas as possible, the 2019 Volt has a new trick. The Volt allows owners to deactivate engine-assisted heating until minus 13 degrees F / minus 25 degrees C. This, again means more electric miles and less gas.

Here video reviewer Alex on Autos takes a look at the 2019 Volt PHEV. He bids farewell to the plug-in hybrid that created the long-range segment. In closing, Alex says it's the only PHEV with a truly split-down-the-middle personality.

Video description:

After we filmed this review, GM killed off its first plug-in hybrid model. After a great deal of debate, we decided to just go ahead and publish this review as a memorial to the only PHEV with a truly split-down-the-middle personality.


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