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Tesla is at the center of most electric vehicle conversation nowadays. And, with the dominance of its Model 3 in the marketplace, it's easy to forget there are other battery-powered vehicles out there to choose from. Until the longer range Nissan LEAF e+ or Hyundai Kona Electric arrives in showrooms, the Chevy Bolt remains the main long-range alternative to the mid-size sedan from California. If you've ever wondered how these two compare from an ownership perspective, we have the video for you.

Marc Benton has owned both the Chevy hatchback and a Model 3 for about a year — regular readers may remember he recently upgraded his Tesla to a Performance version and made a video talking about a number of cool mods he added. Over that time, he's had plenty of opportunities to experience all that both cars have to offer.

In the video above, he goes over some of the pluses and minuses of each one. For example, and like many, he has some complaints about the seats in the Bolt. But, he has praise for its overhead camera view while reversing too. He also takes some time to compare each car's app and shows us some revealing side-by-side screenshots.

At the end, he gives a final verdict, but if you're making that decision yourself, it may come down to how well whichever vehicle fits your needs and budget. We imagine most people —  and this is reflected in sales figures — would choose the Tesla Model 3. But not everybody has the resources to park one of those in their driveways and, unlike Tesla stores, Chevy dealerships are a place where you can try to haggle a price down to more affordable price.

As always, let us know how you feel in Comments about the comparison and which way you would lean when deciding between these two. Enjoy!

Video description:

Since owning and driving both the Tesla Model 3 and a Chevy Bolt, I have received a lot of questions regarding whether I would choose one over the other and/or what the difference are. I tried my best to be fair to both of these cars and these opinions are just that, my opinion after driving these cars for over a year. There are quite a few things I did not go into, time just didn't allow but I hope this gives you a good overview of both cars.

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