The winner should be the Model 3, but the Bolt is shown some love too.

Our friends Thomas & James over at Throttle House are at it again with another electric car comparison video.

These self-proclaimed "Petrol Heads" have definitely been warming up to electric vehicles lately, and have offered to share their EV videos here with the InsideEVs community.

You may remember these guys from the Model 3 vs BMW M2 video we posted last month. They've promised a follow-up video with those two cars being driven and compared on a track, which should be interesting. One of the aspects we like about their EV videos is that since they aren't really EV-guys, they come at them from a different perspective than some videos produced by EV-centric sites.

In this video, they put the Tesla Model 3 against the Chevrolet Bolt EV. While I don't think many people expect the Bolt EV to come out on top, the guys do like the Bolt, and understand why some people will choose it over the Model 3.

Let us know what you think in the comments section and maybe even some suggestions of what other EV comparison videos you'd like to see Throttle House do in the future.