What happens when you let your Prius-driving friend drive your Tesla Model 3?

*Warning: We wanted to make you aware that there is some cussing in this video.

It might be time to keep your Tesla Model 3 locked up and out of sight. Otherwise, when you least expect it, your colleague may run off with it.

In all seriousness, most people that drive a Tesla (or most EVs) for the first time are beyond impressed. Yes, there are still issues being reported in terms of Tesla's tech glitches, quality control, service center struggles, etc. However, despite naysayers and doubters, none of these concerns make the Model 3 a "bad" car. Moreover, the reported issues don't really have any impact on the thrill you'll get when you first drive the car. In fact, we can't really remember at time that we've stumbled upon or reported on a first-drive review of a Tesla that said the experience was a drag.

YouTuber ThatWhiteTesla owns an all-wheel-drive Tesla Model 3. He recently invited a friend to give the EV a whirl. Needless to say, the Toyota Prius driver was blown away. Would anyone expect anything different? Driving an electric vehicle is one of the number one motivators that leads to adoption.

The moral of the story here is ... folks, please encourage your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to go for a drive in your electric car. Educate them and show them the way.

Have you been successful in converting someone? Please share your stories with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via ThatWhiteTesla on YouTube:

Prius Owner Drives Tesla Model 3 For The First Time

I take my Prius-driving colleague David out for a ride in my Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor. This is his first experience behind the wheel of a Tesla and using the infamous Enhanced Autopilot mode. Well... I'll let his reaction to the Tesla Model 3 speak for itself! ?

Highlights 1:16 – David floors it for the first time! 2:16 – David floors it...again! 3:05 – Experiencing the Tesla enhanced autopilot for the very first time! 4:00 – The Tesla Model 3 merges automatically in rush hour traffic.


Gallery: Watch Toyota Prius Owner Drive Tesla Model 3 For First Time

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