For Autocar, the Kona Electric is a ground-breaking electric car.

The success story of Hyundai has been one of the most compelling events in motoring history. Rising from the manufacturer of cheap and not-so-appealing cars to one of the biggest and most lucrative carmakers has been stellar.

The recent introduction of first all-electric models from the South Korean carmaker further solidifies the company on the automotive map of the world. With almost all recent test drives coming out positive for the Kona, we're even more inclined to consider it as one of the best electric crossovers on the market today. However, it always makes sense to learn what the experts think.

Recently, Autocar thoroughly tested the Hyundai Kona electric. According to the site, the Kona Electric is claimed to rewrite the range versus cost equation that has dogged the early EV debate.

Ground-breaking, high-spec electric car offers 300 miles of range for less than £32,000

Hence, with the Kona, you get both a price-point appealing entry-level EV, but you get the range you need, too.

For just under £32,000, this 64kWh model promises a maximum potential range of 300 miles on official test cycles, all wrapped in an on-trend crossover bodyshape. On the fastest charge, its battery can go from 0-80% charge in 54 minutes. It’s worth noting, too, that lower-range, lower-cost versions are available.

There are many advantages to the Kona. This is especially true when it comes to the driving experience, materials, design and more, where Kona delivers a decently polished performance aspect, all without breaking the bank. Furthermore, the Kona brings a relatively affordable range, dramatically widening the pool of potential customers whos lives could be bettered by an entrance of an all-electric crossover.

Please find the full Autocar review (teaser, Kona Electric gets 4 out of 5 stars) right here. Enjoy!

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