Top Gear asks ... is the Tesla Model 3 Performance a BMW M3/C63 rival?

The publication loved the non-performance Model 3, so it only makes sense that it would be even happier with the dual-motor all-wheel-drive performance variant. However, what makes this car "combat ready," at least from Top Gear's perspective?

First of all, reviewer Jason Barlow admits that he'd really like to call this car an "M" 3, but we all know that's not acceptable. He also says that there has yet to be a BEV that "genuinely stirs the emotions like our old friend internal combustion." Interestingly, Barlow mentions the Jaguar I-Pace as coming close the whole stirring emotions part. While we agree, InsideEVs wonders ... what about the Model S?

Top Gear had access to a Model 3 Performance ($78,000 as tested) throughout Monterey Week. On the drive out, they followed a Ferrari 250 GT California Spider and were in company with two LaFerraris, two Porsche 918 Spyders, and many McLarens. Nonetheless, Top Gear says the Model 3 felt at home.

Notable takeaways:


  • All cars should be designed with this minimalistic interior
  • Touch screen is easy to use and well laid out
  • Connectivity is instantaneous
  • Despite "well-publicized" negative press, the car is well built
  • Overall quality is good
  • Awesome acceleration/Instant torque
  • Good center of gravity
  • Body control is fine
  • Superior steering feel compared to many electric cars
  • Satisfying overall
  • Dislike pop-out door handles
  • Seats lack support
  • "It ain't cheap"
In conclusion, Top Gear writes:

Are you converted?

Pretty much. The Model 3 Performance is a blast. Whether you’re a Tesla – and Elon – fanboy or girl, this thing makes a major case for itself on its own merits. Sure, there are still significant infrastructural issues in the UK, and we could do with more superchargers (there are just over 8,500 in 1,100 locations worldwide). Unlike the Model S and X, you also have to pay as you charge: it’s not part of the package. Install a domestic wall box, and you can juice up at a rate of 16.5kW, equivalent to 51 miles per hour. Here’s the thing, though: while we waited to collect the car, we watched a big screen relay live updates on global stats: Tesla has ‘enabled’ 1.474 billion miles and saved 67 million gallons of gasoline, amongst other things. During the next 12 months and beyond, the big automotive OEMs will be unleashing their pure-EV rivals. The Model 3 is combat-ready.

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Source: Top Gear


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