Value? Or Top end?

Which do you prefer?

If you're seeking performance and value, then the Tesla Model 3 Performance should be your choice over the Model S, according to Elon Musk.

Of course, this revelation came about just moments ago on Twitter, the preferred medium of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

We've witnessed a Tesla model 3 Performance hit 60 MPH in just over 3 seconds, so it's not all that much slower than the Tesla Model S P100D, which can accomplish the feat in the low 2-second territory.

But, as alluded to by Musk, there's quite a price difference between these two cars. In fact, it's a dramatic leap in cash to go from the $70,000-ish (depending on options) Model 3 Performance to the $135,000-ish top-of-the-line S.

We'd save the dough and go for the 3. But if you need the extra interior space, then the S should be your choice.

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