The glowing impressions of the Tesla Model 3 Performance just keep coming.

And this one is from a rather unexpected source.

The streets of Brooklyn probably aren't the best for testing out the Model 3 Performance. According to Jalopnik the traffic is terrible, potholes are everywhere, and there are very few opportunities to put the power of the car to the test. Despite that, the folks at Jalopnik could not pass up the chance to take the 3 for a spin. Unsurprisingly Kristen Lee, Patrick George, Ryan Felton and Michael Ballaban came away from their experience singing the car's praises.

Patrick George says the 3 is about as roomy as a BMW 3 series on the inside. Patrick and Kristen Lee both love the short hood. The forward visibility contributes to the airy feel of the cabin and "point and shoot" steering. Overall Patrick felt the handling was "like a legit sports car". According to Patrick:

It’s very, very quick. We got a few moments to light it up on the Belt Parkway and I’m sure I scared my passengers a few times. The way it jumps from about 40 mph to 70 mph is just stunning. No drama, barely any noise but a slight whine, and then it kind of leaps forward, hard and instantly.

Jalopnik First Drive: Model 3 Performance Is The Best Tesla Yet

Ryan Felton praised the intuitive UI and minimalist interior. Ryan calls the sparse layout of the Model 3 "liberating." He says locating your frequently used controls would become second nature after additional time with the car's touch screen.

Mike Ballaban fell in love with the lively steering that favorably compared to any new vehicle on the road. He also crowns the Model 3 as having the best seats around.

They’re soft and pillowy and not too large and not too small. Gimme these chairs for every chair I sit on for the rest of my life.

The steering is downright lively compared to virtually any new car on the road...

It’s the sort of thing you know is special right away. Well, not right away, but certainly in less than four seconds.

Jalopnik is not the type of site to throw praise at Tesla undeserved. The staff has been frequently critical of Elon Musk and Tesla's production issues. But when it comes down to it, the cars themselves are a blast to drive and the Model 3 is no exception. For the full article, check out the link below.

Source: Jalopnik

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