The Tesla Model X, in its 100D version, received a comprehensive review by Autogefühl, including exterior, interior, powertrain and driving experience.

The Model X is considered an excellent SUV with solid design, especially the interior, which despite having roots that date back to 2012, still seems futuristic and could be a concept for other brands. The panoramic windscreen brings a spectacular view. Of course, performance and range (295 miles / 475 km EPA) are listed among advantages. Strong regenerative braking, as well as a feature to see the rear view from the camera on the screen during driving, are noted among the highlights.

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There are downsides too - compared to premium German cars - like small misalignments and build quality issues here and there. The system sometimes requires a reboot. The noise above 120 km/h (75 mph) becomes considerably higher than in premium models. Ride comfort could be better, and Autogefühl suggests that you go with 20" wheels instead 22".

The price of the Model X is high and there are drawbacks, but overall it's a special, unique car, without a direct competitor (BEVs) yet that is cool, offers a unique driving feeling and could be considered as a stand out in the crowded SUV segment.

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