It turns out the Tesla Model 3 is pretty impressive and fascinating to those who drive it for the first time, but the tech takes some getting used to.

YouTuber Nick Murray begins by telling us much of what we already know. He's blown away by the Model 3's smooth, quiet ride, seamless acceleration, and Autopilot features, though he's a bit confused by the chimes and dings coming from the car. He says:

It's ... I'm sorry to say ... pretty Goddamn cool ... Sorry petrol heads, but we're all gonna be driving one of these things in ten years time.

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Throughout the video, Nick is clearly talking to ICE car lovers about his surprising fascination with the Model 3 (he regularly reviews ICE cars and seems to have a specific love for Porsche). He repeatedly apologizes for admitting how great the Model 3 really is.

Nick also points out that many a review talks about the lack of buttons and the touch screen controlling everything, but he feels that's not the whole story. Just look at the past, and where tech is headed.

To put it in perspective, he makes a very interesting comparison. Years ago, we were all used to a mobile phone with buttons, like a Blackberry. When touch-screen phones like the iPhone came along, it was surely a weird adjustment. Many didn't like it at first. Now, you can barely buy a phone with buttons, and virtually everyone is becoming a touch-screen wizard.

With all of this being said, you can watch as Nick struggles with some of the tech and the system alerts. His friend is following him and taking video from a Porche. They communicate with a walkie-talkie so that Nick can get the coaching he needs to perform various functions in the car. It's clearly a learning curve and it all takes time, but it's the way of the future.

Following his drive, Nick and his friend provide a brief tour of various aspects of the Tesla Model 3.

Video Description via Nick Murray on YouTube:

Take a spin in Tesla's 'affordable' all electric model 3 long range. Currently the only model being produced.

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