What does yet another mainstream publication think of the Tesla Model 3?

Soon enough, MotorWeek will release a much more in-depth review of the Model 3, although the test car is borrowed, so who knows when the promised review will materialize. Nonetheless, first impressions are everything, right? Let's have a look at what the publication thinks, at least initially.

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MotorWeek calls the Model 3 a "blast to drive." It's a true driver's car. It has a nice firm suspension, though it's not overly harsh. The steering is well-weighted and the car provides plenty of feedback. Most of all, the power seems to be ever-present, and even the lightest tap on the accelerator pedal gets it moving briskly.

Stay tuned for our article related to MotorWeek's full Tesla Model 3 review.

Video Description via MotorWeek on YouTube:

We share our early impressions of the 2018 Tesla Model 3.


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