Here is one of the best Tesla Model 3 reviews both on quality and essential form, from Phil's Morning Drive.

Tesla Model 3 (source: Phil's Morning Drive)

Tesla Model 3 (source: Phil's Morning Drive)

The blue Model 3, with custom wheels, looks gorgeous, especially in this scenery.

Phil's Morning Drive explains - I got a chance to test out the 2018 Tesla Model 3 and find out if it lives up to the hype - and he seems to love the car.

The car drives excellent, handling is tight, and it's sporty. There are three highly varied steering modes - Comfort, Standard, and Sport.

Ride comfort is not on par with the Model S or Model X, but it's a different and more affordable car, even in this top-of-the-line, fully-equipped version.

Phil's advice is to forget the $35,000 price announcement, as there is no Model 3 available for anywhere near that price (at least not now).

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Front seats were deemed outstanding. Rear seats not so much, due mainly to the lack of headroom. So, be the driver, not the backseat passenger

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