Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

AutoExpress visited the U.S. to test drive a privately-owned Tesla Model 3, as the right-hand drive version of the car will not be offered in the UK before 2019.

The overall verdict is surprisingly high as  the Model 3 got 4.5 out of 5 stars possible. That maybe opens the door for the future Model 3 all-wheel drive version to get  5/5?

"This is the Tesla to buy, full of EV pep and at a more affordable price. It competes well with other sports saloons around the same price point and looks future-proofed when it comes to self-driving tech. The wait for delivery is by far the biggest drawback – and the knowledge that there will be lots of fresh rivals by the time your Model 3 turns up."

The review notes that Model 3 is quick and because it weighs in at 450 kg less than the Model S, it handles exceptionally well. (Model S feels extremely heavy, according to AutoExpress).

Only minor details got negative marks - like the location of Autopilot controls, smartphone not always able to unlock the car on time when approaching and, in some circumstances, awkward, laggy controls via the screen.

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The price of the Long Range version of the Model 3 in the UK is expected at £42,000 (around $59,000).

Source: AutoExpress

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