Tesla Model 3 is equipped with a stiffer suspension than the Model S, so it should be more at home on a test track and, according to Edmunds, it is.

According to the Director of Vehicle Testing, Dan Edmunds, the Model 3, even with all-season 18-inch tires, handles well in the corners and has solid steering feel. Its low center of gravity and weight balance improves the driving experience.

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If you want more out of the car, tires with additional grip will be needed and Edmunds is going to conduct another test with grippier rubber. You can see Edmunds' the previous review of the Model 3 here.

Performance results:

  • 0-60 mph in just 5.3 seconds
  • quarter-mile ending in 13.6 seconds at 102.1 mph
  • braking from 60 mph on 133 ft

More about the Model 3 (via Edmunds):

Q: Will the performance of the Tesla Model 3 sedan be different if I buy the optional 19-inch tires?

A: We think so, but we have not yet conducted instrumented tests of a Model 3 fitted with the optional 19-inch wheels and tires. Acceleration may not change, but stopping distance and cornering performance could improve. Soon we will retest our car with the optional tires to measure the difference.

Q: How many miles can the Tesla Model 3 sedan travel on a full charge? A: This Tesla Model 3 is rated to go 310 miles on a full charge because it is equipped with the long-range battery. But don't expect to get anything close to that if you drive as we did at the test track. A relaxed approach is necessary to achieve any EV's rated range.

Q: How much does the Tesla Model 3 sedan cost?

A: The base price of a standard-range Tesla Model 3 will be $35,000, plus another $1,000 in mandatory destination charges. But that model is not yet being produced. All Model 3 sedans currently being built have an effective base price of $49,000 because the long-range battery ($9,000) and the Premium Upgrades package ($5,000) are mandatory options for now. Don't forget to add another $1,000 for destination and delivery, too.

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