Famed YouTuber Bjorn Nyland got some seat time behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3.

Nyland is known for his informative, yet often humorous, video reviews. His in-depth Tesla (and electric) knowledge makes him one of the most well-respected automotive reviewers in the electric space and this is why we've come to appreciate and share much of his content.

Once again, Nyland doesn't disappoint.

It's 54 minutes worth of Model 3 review video, so make some time to fully absorb this one.

Video description:

"A demo of how Model 3 feels like when driving it. Sorry for the shaky front camera. The road wasn't the best. This was shot around San Francisco, USA"

Of note is that the tested Model 3 belongs to You You Zue. We hitched a ride in this same car a couple months back. Check out our write-up from that experience here.

More Bjorn Model 3 videos below:

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