An EV for the rest of us, and a pretty good one at that.

Motor1 Senior Editor Jake Holmes puts Chevy’s Bolt EV Premier through the Why Buy? Battery to see if its battery range and relatively affordable price can make electric cars mainstream.

– Detroit, Michigan

Motor1 Why Buy? 2017 Chevy Bolt

Motor1 Why Buy? 2017 Chevy Bolt

Range anxiety is one of the biggest reasons that many shoppers wouldn’t consider an affordable electric car. It’s the fear that, with only a few dozen miles of driving possible, you might run out of juice before you reach home and get stranded.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV, however, puts that argument on its face by offering an EPA driving range of 238 miles. That’s not the farthest range of any electric car – Tesla offers longer ranges – but the Bolt is far more affordable than any Model S or Model X variant.

The Bolt also has a spacious hatchback design, a good number of available features, and drives pretty much like an equivalent gasoline-powered car. So on paper, the Chevy Bolt EV looks like a serious contender in the electric-car space. But battery ratings and sticker prices don’t tell the whole story, so watch our latest Why Buy? video review to see whether the Bolt could be your next everyday commuter car.

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