Buckle up!  Because one of the first Opel Ampera-e electric vehicles has been put through its paces by Autogefühl in Oslo, Norway.

As always, the media outfit goes to great lengths (40+ mins) to detail the offering; including an extensive exterior, interior and driving experience walk-through.

As we know ourselves from driving the Ampera-E's sister car (the Chevrolet Bolt), GM's EV can manage 350 km/220 miles or even more quiet easily on a single charge without a problem.

The Bolt/Ampera-E has been officially rated at 383 km/238 miles by the EPA.  In Europe, the Ampera-E is rated for a rather comical optimistic 520 km/323 miles of range.

For the price, which stands just higher than a BMW i3 in Europe, there is absolutely no competition in the segment.  Autogefühl concludes that if your main requirement is range, then the Ampera-e is a fine choice.

The interior quality isn't of course on par with the BMW i3, or even the Volkswagen e-Golf according to Autogefühl, but it's a decent car with nice solutions: a roomy interior, brisk acceleration, slightly SUV-like upper seating position, and multiple regeneration mode choices.

Autogefühl notes however, that after the initial sales boom, the price still would need to be lowered to go truly penetrate the mass-market.

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