One of the first Canadian video reviews of the Chevrolet Bolt has been posted and it's all praise to the mighty Bolt.

It beats its official estimated range without a problem and with incentives in Canada reaching stratospheric levels in some areas (provincial incentives of $14,000 in Ontario, $8000 in Quebec and $5000 in British Columbia) the Bolt is cheap too.

Video description:

"The Chevrolet Bolt is the follow up to the Chevrolet Volt that came out roughly six years ago. Unlike the Volt, the Bolt is a pure electric car with a 60kwh battery pack and 383km of electric range. The Chevy Bolt starts at $43,000 in Canada and the Premier model is $48,000. As tested, the Bolt was on track to drive 440km on a single charge, better than the official number of 383km. This is a the breakthrough electric car the market has been waiting for. With provincial incentives of $14,000 in Ontario, $8000 in Quebec and $5000 in British Columbia, the Bolt is reach to more people than ever before."

Now if only those sales figures would climb upwards to prove the Bolt's a success.

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