BMW 330e

BMW 330e

Fully Charged recently reviewed the plug-in hybrid BMW 3-Series, which turns out to be a proper car for proper drivers for proper driving.

It's incredibly comfortable, quite quick and man, the doors are so much better than in other, non-premium cars. Unsurprisingly, pedal-to-the-metal acceleration lowers the 99 MPGe rating several times but you can feel a delay due to the firing of the gas engine.

As anyone who has been watching the EV scene knows, plug-in hybrids are just a step towards fully electric cars, but they fulfill the need of some drivers for longer ranges today. As host Robert Lleweyn says in the video:

"Conflicted about plug-in-hybrids? Me too, but this is a lovely car to drive. I know, I claim that sort of thing doesn't matter and it's all about clean tech and energy efficiency, but I'm conflicted, the 330e is a lovely car to drive."

Watch the 12-minute test spin above.

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