The top of the line Tesla Model S P100D has finally reached Australia, but is damn expensive there - retailing from around $250,000. noted that latest Tesla Model S is:

  • the most powerful sedan currently on the market (580kW and 1250Nm)
  • quickest production sedan
  • the largest cabins in the luxury sedan class
  • the biggest touch-screen interface ever
  • the safest on the market
  • the most fuel efficient
Overall, the build quality is deemed to come up well short of other high priced sedans, but one expects that will improve as Tesla's production matures.

"...on first impressions, it is definitely quick. Like, hold-on-for-your-life quick. Seriously gut-wrenching. If you find it difficult to fully wake up in the morning, floor the throttle in this and you’ll be right awake, quick smart."


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