Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

*Editor's Note: This post comes to us via our friend over at BMWBLOG Chuck Vossler. Vossler is the proud owner of a BEV BMW i3 (check out his 1-year review here), so this particular test drive review presents a unique perspective into the Chevrolet Bolt.

Without further aop, here are the opening graphs from Vossler's Bolt test drive review:

"The competition in the pure electric car vehicle segment is heating up. Chevrolet’s all-new Bolt EV is just coming to market and we recently had a chance to put the award winner through its paces along the northern California coast."

"The Bolt has an impressive 238 mile EPA rated electric range and is a practical four-door hatch back with seating for up to five. The base price of the Bolt with the Federal Tax credit is just under $30,000. No one else can provide this kind of range in a pure EV until more than double the price."

Vossler's detailed write-up discuss handling, cargo room, amenities and more. As for the ever-important range question, his drive in non-ideal conditions showed that the Bolt would easily achieve 210 to 220 miles on a single charge.

Vossler concludes:

"In the Bolt, Chevrolet has managed to make not only a great EV, but a great car. With its range and practicality, it should help bring wider adoption of EVs. The right price combined with great range, the Bolt EV is already a winner."

Check out the Bolt test drive review in its entirety at the source link below.


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