InsideEVs contributor David Murray, also know as "The 8-Bit Guy" on Youtube, recently picked himself up a steal of a deal on a 2014 BMW i3 REx - $25,000 with only 3,000 miles on the odometer.

/insert comment about residual value of plug-in electric vehicles in the US here

...moving on.

After acquiring the car, David set out to film "the ultimate i3 review", or the stuff you really want to know (like perhaps re-coding the original version to use its full, non software/CARB-crippled, fuel tank), as only he can.

The review includes the basics on the original 22 kWh i3, as well as the newly updated 2017 version with 33 kWh battery on board.

David also took the BMW i3 REx out on a long range test in Texas to see how it fairs in the real world, as well as stopping at some points of interest along the way.

Additional info on the new 2017/33 BMW i3:  the new all-electric i3 nets 114 miles from $44,695, while the REX i3 travels 97 miles on electricity before switching to gas and travelling another 83 or so miles on petrol.

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