Toyota brought a small fleet of its upcoming Prius Prime plug-in hybrid to the US for media test drives this month, and now we are flooded with reviews after the company's black-out embargo has lifted.

Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime

A selection of various test drives are itemized below for viewing, but we really appreciate Alex on Autos' thorough take on the new plug-in Prius (featured video above).

Starting at $27,950 (or $23,450 after the federal tax credit has been applied) the Prius Prime is well positioned inside the Prius family (as the most inexpensive/value leader) and is worth considering among other PHEVs, especially considering the all-electric range is rated at 25 miles of real-world/EPA driving.

First tests shows about a 11 second 0-60 mph acceleration time, and despite a slightly higher weight, the new Prius Prime handling is improved compared to previous generation, while netting a 54 MPG combined efficiency rating when now relying on electric propulsion.

An interesting feature is of course is the 11-inch LCD - the largest ever in Toyota (check second video below).

"The Prime is more than just the new Prius-Plug-In, it is also the most efficient Prius ever built. With 25 miles of electric range, 54 MPG on gasoline and the largest LCD infotainment system Toyota has ever used, the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime really is the pinnacle of Toyota's hybrid engineering.

The new Prius Prime uses the largest infotainment and navigation system Toyota has ever made. The all-new system uses an enormous 11-inch LCD that supports multi-finger gestures and integrates the Prius' climate controls."

Toyota Prius Prime quick spec:

  • up to 25 miles (40 km) all-electric EPA range (31 miles / 50 km NEDC) via a 8.8 kWh (7 kWh usable) battery (up to 84 mph / 135 km/h in EV mode)
  • 124 MPGe fuel economy rating (EV mode) or 54 MPG regular hybrid mode
  • Full recharge in 5.5 hours using a standard household outlet. Charging takes less than half the time with a 240V source (3.3 kW in U.S.). (In Japan, the Prime is also available with CHAdeMO)

Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime

Here is more Toyota Prius Prime reviews from various channels:

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