Following the grand reveal of the Faraday Future FF 91, a few media sites got up close and personal with the new electric car, but it seemed nobody was going to get a chance to ride in or sit behind the wheel of the FF 91.

Well, that changed late last night and into today as we've now come across a few videos (more may exist) of test drives/rides of the FF91.

The first video features The Drive's Alex Roy. Video description:

"LIVE VIDEO CES2017 of #FaradayFuture "Driverless Valet" Self-Driving Demo."

Next up is again The Drive's Alex Roy. This one is his actual live test drive. Video description:

"LIVE VIDEO TEST DRIVE from #CES2017 of #FaradayFuture#FF91"

And one more from The Drive. The maximum acceleration blast. Video description:

"VIDEO: #FaradayFuture #FF91 Max Acceleration"

Lastly, here's a high quality video from famed YouTuber Marques Brownlee. Video description:

"Self Driving and 0-60 launch in the Faraday Future prototype!"

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