Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

As the Tesla Model X P90D inches its way towards the UK, Autocar took one for a test drive (in Germany) to check out whether or not it's as impressive as the Model S.

First impressions are mostly positive.

Autocar offers the following points and opinions in regard to the Model X:

  • electrically powered front doors with automatic opening and closing
  • rear falcon wing doors, which offers excellent access to the rear seats, however those takes time to open/close
  • quiet and smooth acceleration with great performances in Insane / Ludicrous modes for car of that size
  • easy to drive,
  • "rearward visibility isn’t great", the huge windscreen provides nice view but "there’s a lot of reflection coming from the dashboard in direct sunlight". According to Autocar panoramic roof provides enough protection agains even direct sunlight.
  • strong regen, good for mostly one-pedal driving
  • suspension could be better - "Even when the optional air suspension is fitted, you won’t find a wafty ride in any of the modes. The Model X is composed at all speeds but with a firm edge that could become jiggly on UK roads."
  • drives remarkably flatly in the corners, but not a sports car - "The steering is numb and the stability control makes sure the tail faithfully follows the front wheels."
Tesla still need to align interior quality to top players like Audi Q7:

"What further exploration will reveal, however, is a bit of an odd mix of fit, finish and quality.

There’s no doubting that some appealingly soft, rich-feeling plastics have been used throughout the cabin. Even the stuff the door pockets are made of feels expensive. Elsewhere, there’s proper-looking carbonfibre trim and lots of metal bits that could very well be metal.

What you’ll also find is some very bendy plastic on the centre console and gaps between cubbyholes and lids so wide that you can see what’s lurking beneath. It's a shame, because the design is most definitely there, if still a little behind what you'd get in an Audi Q7."

Autocar hopes that interior quality and ride comfort issues will be resolved before UK sales begin. But regardless, it's a great car, worthy of consideration:

"But even as it is, there’s a great deal to like about this dramatic new SUV. In P90D form at least, it’s startlingly rapid, offers a range that is usable for the vast majority of people and is undoubtedly more practical than the Model S."

Source: Autocar

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