When Consumer Reports first got its hands on the Tesla Model S P85D last year, it could not rave enough about the car.  The love affair was so extreme, the all-electric sedan was ultimately rated 103 of 100 on CR's rating scale, while tweeting "#carofthefuture".

There will be no repeat of that result for the Model X P90DL, as Consumer Reports "rented" a X from Tesla while they wait on their own copy to be delivered in the near future.

"Our first impression: Where were the responsible grownups when this machine was birthed?"

Check out CR's video on the X above, and also the magazines full (and very articulate ) written report here.   But for those in a hurry, here are the bullet points of the review:


  • shares platform with the Model S
  • large battery options 75/90 kWh battery
  • all models are AWD
  • extreme performance
  • low center of gravity, well tuned steering - sporty handling
  • center touchscreen
  • blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning
  • Autopilot
  • New fancy gadgetry and extended transparent windshield? CR is not a fan (via Consumer Reports)

    New fancy gadgetry and extended transparent windshield? CR is not a fan (via Consumer Reports)

    many of the new extras feel like "a Detroit show car from the 50s or 60s" - but not much substance/value behind them

  • not a fan of the windshield that extends into the roof, as the tint doesn't provide enough "escape" on a sunny day, also point out the sun-visors were "skimpy"
  • thick front roof pillars, rear view is tight thanks to spoiler
  • Falcon Wing doors - slow to operate, and don't function in a consistent manner (repeated cycling of the operation is sometimes necessary to complete the assignment of opening fully)
  • front doors are overly complicated, open and close wildly
  • not enough utility for a SUV, not enough legroom, seatbacks don't recline fully.  CR notes that the Model S actually can have a deeper cargo utility than the Model X because of the way the seats operate in the X
  • hefty pricetag

"The Model X doesn't quite match the comfort or overall utility of a luxury SUV like the Audi Q7, which costs half as much.  (Also) remember that the Model X shares a lot with the Model S, which our reliability data shows that it has been unreliable.  Model X complicated doors aren't likely to help"

Hat tip to Jim I!

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