Bjørn Nyland recently published a very cold, very winter, test drive of the Hyundai IONIQ Electric from Norway.

On a 1,010 km (627 miles) trip from from Oslo to Trondheim (and back again), the IONIQ Electric is declared to be an outstanding car for the money.

Bjørn even said that it was nearly as good as a Tesla - for a third of price, with a lot of nice features (even lane keep assist).

The energy consumption in the all-electric Hyundai is unmatched among all BEVs (136 MPGe combined, but 150 MPGe in the city), and has a 124 mile/200 km "real world" range rating by the EPA.

During the test, the IONIQ Electric averaged 169 Wh/km (272 Wh/mile) despite difficult conditions.

Hyundai definitely entered the all-electric car market late, but it seems with very nice car, and a decent value proposition - a situation that will only improve as a "more than 200" mile variant arrive in 2018.

"Second and last part of the trip from Oslo to Trondheim and back. On the return trip, I hit a lot of freezing rain. That made the driving a bit more hassle. And the consumption went up because I had to blow air on the front windshield."

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