The first top-of-the-line Tesla Model X SUVs were delivered in Canada just few months ago, and they are still pretty rare vehicles on Canadian roads.

We should note that these early Canadian Model Xs will shortly also become somewhat outdated - at least when it comes to being the "best" X money can buy, as those Canadians who paid premiums (and in some cases waited years) for early copies, now also find Tesla announcing the P100D Model X (289 miles range/o-60 in 2.9 seconds).

Environmental car reporter Eric Novak (Enviro Dad) managed to find a copy living in Muskoka, Ontario, and put together this pretty nifty review package.

"Eco Auto journalist Eric Novak travels to Muskoka, Ontario to learn more about the Tesla Model X - the all new 7-seat crossover battery-electric vehicle.

Eric also talks to the owner of the Tesla he is reviewing to learn more about the reasons why he chose the Model X as well as his impressions after now driving it for about six weeks."

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