The Smoking Tire recently tested the Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous in its latest/refreshed iteration...and all the options. That is until the P100DL arrives, but first deliveries for those aren't expected until the 4th week of September.

It's pretty interesting review overall, with advice to Tesla to maybe switch some commitment from gadgets like sliding door handles to crafting a more refined interior, and just plain adding some more buttons.

ST find the quality overall very good, outside some minor details, but points out that relative to the price point could still be better.

Overall driving experience was noted as excellent, with stunning acceleration, quiet, strong brakes (even though again, they could be even stronger) and a low center of gravity that helps cornering.

The video review also includes an Autopilot test on winding roads, which at least for now seems to be a little too winding.  Important was the conclusion that you need to pay attention all the time, in order to be able to take control anytime (as Tesla themselves point out); but that could be - according to the review - more exhausting than just driving yourself.

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